Livreto ing_finalíssimo

The Pierre Verger Prize, created by the Brazilian Anthropological Association, celebrates twenty-three years of existence in 2019. Along the years becoming an enduring and seminal event for the exhibition of filmic and photographic production in Brazil. For the first time, th Pierre Verger organizing committee is caring the awarded productions abroad and present Brazilian Visual Anthropology to countries with which we hope to establish a fruitful interchange. We also hope that this will contribute to the strenghtening of the network of anthropologists that work with moving and still images.

On the 4th of June, 2019, our itinerancy arrives in Portugal, thanks to a partnership with the Portuguese Association of Anthropology (APA). The eshibition of the Pierre Verger Award winning films meets the objectives of the Congress: to strenghten an anthropology of the lived experience, “without conceptual, thematic, or epistemological boundaries” and also committed to think, also through images, “the past, present, and future, unequally lived by humans and non-humans.”