Title | The Way of the Shaman Drum

Directed, filmed and edited by | João Meirinhos

Year | 2017

Runtime | 12′

Country | China

Starring | Guan Yunde

Supervision | Annakaisa Sukura

Assistant Director | Leo Wu

Translation | Elsa Chang


Format | HD 16:9

Synopsis | EN | Yunde Guan followed his father to learn the drum production, and followed his mother and aunt to learn the art of Shaman paper cutting more than 50 years ago. He devoted his personal income to the inheritance of Manchu culture and established the “Guan Yunde Manchu folk custom museum” located in the Liu village in the Jilin Province. “The way of the shaman drum” follows his life during the production of one of his special drums until it’s able to be played through the lens of a foreigner director passionate about shamanism and its contemporary relevance in China and the world.

June 4th, Museu Nacional de Etnologia

9:30 PM

[In the presence of the director]